Note: We reserve the right to cancel any program due to lack of registration or other reasons.
Summer Camp: FAQ - About Registration
Q: Who are eligible to attend and what are age restrictions?
A: All children from junior kindergarten to Grade 8 are welcome regardless of cultural, ethnic or language background. Students must be minimum 4 years old by camp start date.
Q: Why do I need to fill out two registration forms (AM and PM)? Can I register for AM or PM program only?
A: The morning International Languages program is operated by the school board. The afternoon camp is supported by the school board, but operated by KC Afterschool. You may register either or both programs.
Q: I have problem filling the registration form digitally. What should I do?
A: Please download the form and try a different platform or software. The form is best filled with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.
Q: For online registration, do I have to email a signed copy of the registration form?
A: No, a saved PDF copy is fine although you can scan and email a signed copy. Signature is required if you are submitting a paper copy.
Q: Can I put AM consumable fees & PM camp fees together on one cheque or e-Transfer?
A: No. The $10 AM consumable fees must be paid to the school board. KC Afterschool only accepts PM camp fees.
Q: When are the registration fees due?
A: Registration fees are due at the time of registration. Registration is considered only after both the registration form and fees are received. Those who submitted forms only without payment are considered as no longer interested after the registration deadline and cannot participate in grouping. Registrations after the deadline are subject to space availability.
Q: Can I register after the deadline?
A: Yes, but there is no guaranty that you will get a spot for the weeks you want. We start grouping students and making all commitments after the open registration deadline. Classes are fixed once grouping is done. There is usually some space for some age groups and in certain weeks due to enrollment disparities. Please contact us first if you are still interested after the deadline. We will try our best to accommodate your needs.
Q: What happens after my registration? What do I need to prepare?
A: We will email you a detailed information package about a week before the program starts including your child’s group, classroom, program schedule, lunch menu and order instructions, list of things to prepare, and other necessary documents.
Q: When do I order lunch and how?
A: We will email you a lunch menu with order instructions weekly about a week in advance so that you can decide whether to order. We try our best to balance the nutrition. The lunch program has been one of our signature items much welcomed by children and parents over the past years.
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> All on-site programs are on hold due to COVID. Updates on re-opening to be available.
> Small group Mandarin online tutoring now accepting registrations. Please contact us.
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