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Summer Camp: FAQ - About the Program
Q: How are the students grouped and what are the students/supervisor ratios?
A: The morning classes are grouped mostly based on the students' day school grade. Students are grouped by age for the afternoon camp. The average group size is around 20 (smaller for the younger and larger for the older groups). Each afternoon group is supervised by a staff instructor and one or two volunteer supervisors.
Q: Is there any program schedule?
A: Yes. Each group has its own program schedule. See answers to question about Activities below.

Q: Do students stay in the same group for both the AM and PM programs?
A: Not necessarily. Due to enrolment disparities, re-grouping may be necessary for the afternoon camp. We try our best to make sure that the younger campers stay in the same classroom for both the morning and afternoon programs.
Q: Who take care of AM–PM transition?
A: Most younger students, especially the kindergarten students, are grouped in such a way that they will stay in the same group and classroom for both the morning and the afternoon programs. For those who have to change classrooms, our program staff will supervise the transition.
Q: Who are the instructors?
A: Our instructors are all experienced educators with higher education. They have many years experience in teaching young children. Most of them are also instructors with the Ottawa Catholic School Board or other school boards.
Q: Do you have an allergen-safe environment?
A: We adopt a strict allergen-safe environment. No participant is allowed to bring food products that may contain nuts or other identified allergens. If any student has any allergy, parents or guardians are encouraged to discuss with the home room instructor about the conditions and emergency plans.
Q: Is there a nap time for kindergarten kids?
A: Yes. There is a quiet time each day for the JK/SK groups. During this period, students may choose to take a nap or read quietly.
Q: When and how to order lunch?
A: Please fee FAQ - About Registration.
Q: What camp activities do you have? What to prepare?
A: Depending on the age group, we have a full range of fun filled activities. Given that the students have spent a whole morning in the language classes, the afternoon camp program is designed to be educational but with more recreational contents. We encourage students to enhance their international language skills through interactions with others and participation in activities such as drawing, sketch, crafts, chess, stories, and sports, to name a few. Detailed program schedules for each group will be developed once grouping is done. The activity schedules along with other details and instructions will be emailed to parents about a week before the camp starts.
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