Note: We reserve the right to cancel any program due to lack of registration or other reasons.
Summer Camp
The Ottawa Catholic School Board (OCSB) offers International Languages (IL) summer elementary programs each year in Kanata and various other locations in Ottawa. Chinese Mandarin program is one of the most popular programs along with other languages, e.g., Farsi, Russian, Spanish, etc. Details are available at OCSB website.
      As part of the OCSB's effort to enhance the language programs that are in the mornings, an afternoon summer camp is offered by KC Afterschool at the Kanata location. The afternoon camp immediately follows the morning language classes. One of the most popular programs we offer is the Chinese Summer Camp along with other language camps, e.g., Russian. The afternoon camp provides opportunities for students to interact with others, make friends and enhance their Chinese (and other) language skills through a wide variety of activities, e.g., crafts, drawing, dance, songs, chess, fun math, shows, seminars, group games and indoor/outdoor recreational activities.
      Optional lunch order is available. Lunch menu and order instructions will be provided weekly about a week in advance.
      Hundreds of children enjoyed our summer camp each year since 2009.
Location: St. Gabriel school, 400 Keyrock Dr., Kanata, ON (click for map)
Time:  Dates to be announced.
           9:00 am - 11:30 am: Morning IL Classes (8-9am early drop-off available)
           11:30 am - 5:30 pm: Afternoon Camp
  • Morning: Language classes - Chinese, Farsi, Russian, Spanish.
  • Afternoon: Summer Camp - Chinese, Russian.
Fees:  Morning IL Program: Free for Ontario students (only $10 consumable fees)
           Afternoon Camp: TBD
Registration: The AM and PM Programs need to be registered separately.
             Deadline: TBD
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> All on-site programs are on hold due to COVID. Updates on re-opening to be available.
> Small group Mandarin online tutoring now accepting registrations. Please contact us.
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